– Ph.D. candidate in English
– I like: zombies, my palm tree growing new leaves, the second before taking the first sip of my morning coffee, paranoia, the end of capitalism, white noise at 130db, trees (I do hug them occasionally), Spiessbroore and the famous Hunsruecker Klotzkoeppischness(ity?), filling out online descriptions of myself that are basically no different from the stat-sheets hanging in used cars that are for sale, making friendster, myspace and other shite like that into prime education facilities for the ideology of necessarily reifying social relations, this time around actually making people enjoy the alienation that is in turn a result of transforming the process of calculating one’s own exchange value into a desirable exercise–oh, and of course seafood, quilting and long walks on the beach.

– I dislike: people that eat brains without being zombies (Republicans, Democrats and other kinds of capitalists, neoliberals, neocons, neon lights, Neo (Keanu), etc.), people who cut in line at baggage claim, law and order (the show as well), that static-y thing that happens when I put on my new bathrobe that was supposed to be comfy as hell but is now rapidly turning into an early morning nuisance that ruins the second prior to my coffee (see above), etc., as well as the cult of individualism upon which consumer capitalism grounds itself–consequently, I got a blog!



  1. hey, what are you writing your dissertation on, more specifically?
    seems we might be sharing some interests

  2. Hi from Spain. I discovered this site and I like me. I like read a little of autonomist marxism.

  3. With my lacking sense of irony I have to ask: Do you really like quilting? If so, I hope you’ll show us your quilts someday.

  4. AHAHA! Ich bin in der fuenften Klasse sogar dazu gezwungen worden den “Naehmaschinenfuehrerschein” zu machen. Weiss nicht, ob ich das schon mal erwaehnt habe.

  5. Hey guy from Spain, nice Comment and I like me too but that has nothing to do with discovering this site, at least in my place.

  6. I like me too. Excuse, can you tell me where I can get my quilting license? I was referred to this blog. Thank you.

  7. I love you all!!! 🙂
    I am not yet a complete authority on quilting–still have to get my black belt this summer–I’ll be spending July and August in a Mennonite community. After that I would be happy to function as you quilting sensei.

  8. P.S.: I enjoy the fact that ‘Albert Hammond’ is the English equivalent to ‘Karl Reimann’.

  9. I really enjoy checking in on your blog every once in a while! Thanks for posting the Colbert/Dowd article… it was a fun read! I don’t know if I sent you our fellow SCTer Nirmal’s blog before, but just in case: http://bostoncoop.net/~ntrivedi/wordpress/
    Anyway, best of luck on your dissertation project and I hope that the semester is a relaxing yet productive one for you! Cheers, Elena

  10. Hi Elena–so great to hear from you! Hope all’s well in your life. I already checked out your new book, you famous academic, you. I am applying to a few schools down in your general area (Florida International, etc.)–maybe I’ll be able to visit sometime, should the academic gods be kind enough to grant me a job talk (or maybe even a job?) at one of these institutions. Oh, will you (both?) be coming to the MLA this year? talk to you soon…

    P.S.: come to think of it, I could do a little promo. Buy Prof. Machado’s new book here: http://www.amazon.com/Latino-Canon-Emergence-Post-Sixties-Literature/dp/1403977968/ref=sr_1_4/104-2340516-9359911?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1192403886&sr=1-4

    those loooking for alternatives to amazon can see other seller options here:

  11. Hello M.!!! This is Anna, ex-SCT. Elena passed me the link to your blog and i’ve been reading and laughing for the past two hours, i might become a groupie. I’m back in spain myself, I graduated from NYU finally! last May and am now working at the university of Valencia. Hope everything is well with you! good luck with the job market. i’m sure you’ll do great.
    hugs, anna

  12. Hi Anna–so great to hear from you!!! How are you doing? How do you like your job in Valencia? (It sounds like the job market was kind to you–but then again you were exceptionally well qualified.) Do you periodically come back to NY for visits? I have to say, the day in the arboretum/gorges and the picnic are the things I remember the most fondly about Cornell. We should have a picnic-hike again some time. I may be in Spain next summer for a friend’s wedding, which may be combined with a looong bike trip through Spain. If the road to Valencia does not include too many hills I should really stop by. cheers, M.
    P.S.: have you heard anything from Antonio (also SCT)?

  13. Hola! great hearing from you! Yes I also remember the gorges, what a great place. How did your job interview go? Spain is beautiful and I’m very happy to be back although the job situation could be much better, I have to say. I’m only working part-time with a tiny salary and undergoing a long administrative process to be able to apply to full time positions in the public system. Hopefully next year, although spain is unfortunately the most bureaucratical country in the world 😦 so until I have all my paperwork ready (and validated here) there is nothing that I can do, ay!
    Definitely, make sure you visit us if you come by next year. bike trip sounds like an excellent idea. in the mediterranean there are long stretches of bike lane between cities crossing all the fields of fruit trees and rice fields, they are gorgeous and great to navigate via bike. It’s crazy hot in the summer though, i recommend you the greeny and cool north. Where is your wedding at? I haven’t heard about Antonio lately. We were in touch for a while but i’ve been so busy with the move, defending the dis. looking for jobs etc. i’ll write to him soon. good luck with everything, i’ll keep reading the blog often 🙂 big hug.

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